Besaş Cream Cheese 200 gr

5,00 TL

  • Energy (kcal / 100) 219/915
  • Fat Content (g) 16
  • Carbohydrate mg / kg 2,7
  • H Protein% 16
  • Calcium mg / kg 550
  • NRV 68,50%

Fresh kashar cheese, cheese curd, water, preservative(sorbic acid),salt, emulsifying salt

The importance of cheese varieties in terms of nutrition and health

Cheese is an important food for calcium and phosphorus content. 100 g soft cheese meets 30-40% of daily calcium requirement and 12-20% of daily phosphorus requirement. Hard cheeses cover the entire Daily calcium needs, while 40-50% of the phosphorus needs.

Calcium is a vital mineral for bone and tooth development. The calcium in the cheese is in a form that has a high biological value, which can be easily used by the human body. Calcium is also required for body contraction and nerve conduction. Calcium needs increase for children, pregnant and lactating women and menopausal women.

Phosphorus is a mineral that must be taken into the body for tooth and bone formation, muscle contraction, kidney function, nerve and muscle activity. Phosphorus functions synergistically with calcium in the body. For this reason, a food containing both calcium and phosphorus  such as cheese, is even more valuable in this sense.

In cheese, fat-soluble vitamins (A, D, E, K) are found in varying amounts depending on the fat ratio. The reason why the cheese is important for vitamins is the group B vitamins; these are water-soluble vitamins. White cheese is a dairy product that can be considered as a source for vitamins B2, B6 and B12.

Ayrıca peynir az miktarda laktoz içerdiğinden, laktoz intolerantlar için rahatsızlık yaratmayacak bir süt ürünüdür (Peynirde yaklaşık 1-3 g/100 g laktoz bulunur). 

In addition to high protein content, cheese is an amino acid composition of the composition that makes the nutritional value of the cheese. In the cheese composition there are essential amino acids that can not be synthesized by our bodies and need to be taken from the outside.

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