Besaş Light Bread

2,00 TL

" Protect your form with Besas Light Bread, which has low oil content and calories. "

  • Energy (kcal / 100) 246.63
  • Carbohydrate mg / kg 53.03
  • Starch% 49.7
  • H Protein% 7.5
  • Total Sugar% 3.33
  • Amount of oil% 0.49
  • Sodium mg / kg 50.66
  • Carbohydrate mg / kg 53.81

Ingredients: Wheat flour, wheat bran, yeast, salt, wheat fiber, press additive, calcium  propionate, gluten, sour dough, water


It facilitates digestion.

It has a preventive effect on haemorrhoid, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.

Dietary fiber is high.

It gives the feeling of satiety.

It has the effect of weight loss.

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